From Atelier To You

6 expert tailors has been making beautiful school uniforms for more than 50 years.

1. Draping and creating patterns

We need patterns to make any kinds of garments. Patterns are like an architectural design drawing in an architectural industry. Each individual garment is made up of many pieces of patterns, including the sleeves, front, and collar. Each pattern is fully customized for each school, and each girl’s size.  As to making patterns, there are two techniques, the one is " draping ", the other one is " flat-patterned making ". In our factory, we use draping in which you drape muslin (or another fabric similar in weight to your desired fabric) directly onto the dress form to make a pattern.  Because it will make beautifully-fitted patterns of garments. 

2. Fabric spreading

Fabrics must be flat and free fromany wrinkles and creases, so we use our spreading machines to spread the roll of fabric and cut to the measured length.

3. Cutting of the fabrics

Our specially trained tailors place the pattern on the flattened fabric and cut each part using a hand held cutting machine.

4. Press the interfacing on the fabrics

Interfacing is a material used on the unseen side of fabric to make an area of a garment more rigid. Interfacings can be used in shirt collars. We use interfacings for winter-time sailor tops.

5. Sewing and ironing

To ensure that each piece is lasting and high quality, we often use different machines. We are particular about sewing our collar borders precisely, smoothly, and intricately. This portion requires our most experienced tailors.

6. Inspections and packing

To use inspection meter, we check all garments. This is very important operation to sell a reliable item. After garments inspections, we press all garments to make beautiful, finest clothes. We carefully pack and ship them to you directly.