About us

SHIMOKAWA TAILOR is a clothing company that specializes in sailor-style clothing, school uniforms, seifuku, and scarves for cats and dogs located in Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan. Founded in 2014 by Kana Shimokawa. We have an atelier and there are six expert tailors have been making beautiful garments for the last 20-50 years . These tailors specialize in techniques specific to sewing sailor-style uniforms (sailor-fuku "セーラー服" ) in a variety of styles. 

Attending a Japan Fair in Seattle, U.S. and Kumoricon in Portland, U.S.


↑Kumoricon 2017 in Portland OR

We attended a Japanese Cultural Fair in Seattle and Kumoricon in Portland OR, we met many people who were interested in genuine Japanese seifuku (school uniform) like those worn in popular anime. Most of people said they have never seen authentic school uniforms(seifuku). When they tried our uniforms on they looked so bright and happy. They admired how neat and well-made our genuine Japanese seifuku are. We are completely surprised and inspired to make sailor-style clothes available to as many people as possible! Then we opened a shop SHIMOKAWA TAILOR on Etsy.


↑Japan fair 2016 in Seattle WA


After world war Ⅱ in Japan, we had a social gap between poverty to richness. Some family could not afford to buy new clothes for their children. Sometimes children was bullied just because they were not clean and tidy in appearance. So, the founder Yutaka Shimokawa started to make school uniforms and provide them in order to less the gap in a local area, Kakogawa. Then, more and more schools from kindergartens to high schools started to adopt school uniforms. Since we had started our business, we always have been dedicated for the local students.

Meet Kana

 She was born and raised in Kakogawa, and Kobe, where are west part of Japan. She lived close  from an atelier of her family business. She went to the atelier from her school directly to see her mom who was a tailor and pattern maker. Tailors were always around her, so it was natural that she admired tailors' skills. After she earned a degree of economics, she worked in couple of companies in Japan, and U.S. as a buyer, e-commerce consultant, and shipping director.